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PDS Dissolution

In theory, we know that our organizations can't and shouldn't live forever. But in practice, we tend to operate with the assumption that our primary goal is to keep our organizations alive and that when they die, we have failed. Accepting that dissolution is a natural part of an organizations' life cycle is important. After deep discussion amongst the PDS directors, we have decided that it is time that we close our doors after 5 years of operation. We're happy to have been able to bring joy to the Palouse in the form of dance for the last several years, and hope that many of you continue your dance journey wherever it may take you.

Thank you for the support and love for dance that so many of you have shown in joining our dance community. Please consider one of the following dance organizations should you decide to continue your dance education and participation!

Local and Regional Dance Organizations

In the Palouse
Souvenir Dance LLC
(West Coast Swing)
Swing Devils of the Palouse
(Vintage Swing)
Salsa on the Palouse
(Latin Dancing)
Outside of the Palouse
Spokane Swing Dance Club
(West Coast Swing)
Satori Dance Studio
(Latin Dancing)
DanceTales in Coeur D'Alene (Ballroom, Latin, Swing)
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